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We had such a past man, I get the impression he sort of still is.. I feel young again because of him these days He's thinking about introducing me to his polish wife!


Btw, we had some great sex moments together back in the days. I'm glad he's married, I even feel more open now with him. I simply do not want to be restricted in any way - by him. In my case my Kaali sextile Mercury gave me the ability early on in my life to pick up on manipulation tactics but I refuse to use that to manipulate others. Now I still can influence others psychologically bc my Kaali is on my AC but as a counselor I like to think I am using that influence in a positive way. Synastry wise I get what you mean.

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I had my AC conjunct Kaali fall on this guy's Pluto and Mercury and he was captivated by me, I did seem to have a strong influence on me, I wouldn't say mind control bc I was not trying to control him or his mind, but he was hooked on me, mesmerized. My ex his Kaali conjuncted my Agapenor and formed a grand trine with my Sun 1d and my alma conjunct lust exact. Add that his Sun sextile his Kaali. He did have power over me, I will always love him.

Interestingly his Agapenor conjuncts my Kaali and AC.

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We have power over each other in the sense that we will always love each other, in this case the power is merging with agapenor so it manifests in a powerfully beautiful way. It might be why I was able to surrender to falling in love with him, I feel I have only truly "fallen in love" all the way once, I surrendered his kaali conjunct my agapenor trine my sun my soul alma through the power of sex lust. His Kaali applying itself to my sun-agapenor-alma conjunct lust grand trine was very powerful indeed.

With that ex lover whose Sun squared my AC conjunct Kaali I felt for him a little, it was a close call.

His Kaali squared my Venus exact and my mars by 1d, his kaali conjuncted my Psyche. Falling in love is surrendering to someone's power over you and kaali allows this to happen willingly.


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Its a beautiful thing. Kaali I feel is an important ingredient to falling in love. But I feel is a double edge sword, it can facilitate falling in love and creating something beautiful but it can just as easily flip and destroy it. I think Kaali in aspect to alma or psyche in synastry makes you want you surrender your soul to the other, very hot. Eros Trine Psyche Exact 3. I witnessed kaali and its ability to manipulate early on lol. I have told her numerous times in her life she is controlling and manipulative but she always denies it.

I think she excuses it in her mind bc she feels she is doing good and genuinely does not realize it bc is so ingrained in her and automatic. I think if you are aware of your power though you are less likely to abuse it, I think she means it when she says she is not controlling or manipulative, total lack of awareness.

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My Kaali is conjunct Venus and opposite moon. I am curious to get an interpretation for this please. How fascinating! B Her only 'imaginary friend' ever, is called Kali sounds like golly with a K C every time I practice yoga vinyasa or yin , I feel myself moving through major stuff inside - and end up crying. God, I hope it gets better! I have kaali conj virgo jupiter retro 8th house. Do you have any research links please? I've just been reading more about this kaali and not only is it conj jupiter but square to mars.

I would mention that whilst sitting for development mediumship I was badly psyhically attacked on at least two occasions.. One time I woke in the middle of the night with someone's hands around my throat. When Asteroid Kaali has many trigger aspects, it indicates not only strong Kundalini but also susceptibility to Lower Astral attacks because of this power. The secret of working with such Kundalini is 1. Grounding [sitting on grass, then grounding to Earth Visualizations] 2.

Minerva Rose — The Destiny Asteroids of Benedict and Sophie

Steadily meditating on one chakra at a time, but ensuring that you give equal attention to all 7 Chakras. This positivity is toxic to the Lower Astral. I channeled what happened the next day whilst sat at my computer via my third eye. Anyway, talking of the 'violet flame' I attach couple photo's when I was first attuned to Shamballa Masters, I sat and meditated every day for 6six weeks, then suddenly stopped. Not long after had the photo taken. What am I doing wrong..?? Ceres in aspect to Chiron, known as the Wounded Healer, is often found in the charts of health practitioners and alternative healers.